Da Silva Linings Ghostbook

Episode 1

August 27, 2020 Deliciously Bright Season 1 Episode 1
Da Silva Linings Ghostbook
Episode 1
Show Notes

What Ever Happened to the Ghost Sleuthers?

When psychic medium Sylvester Da Silva finds himself in the news, he refuses to speak to anyone except journalist Carrie Saxon in his titled series. 

Will he ever get to his news though?   Or even get to the point about anything?

This week we find out where Sylvester is in the world and his reasons for being there.  He talks about his much-publicised departure from the hit show Ghost Sleuthers, his weird and wonderful life, and a hat. 

Devised and performed by Jacqueline Davies and John Parry.  It is a Deliciously Bright production.


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